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1989: Parcels to Ireland is born

The business was established as Parcels to Ireland delivering into Northern Ireland. Our core objective was to run a reliable delivery service into Northern Ireland, establishing a USP as one of the few logistic companies dedicated to this service.

1992: Direct service!

Just three years after our founding, Parcels to Ireland expanded our delivery service from Northern Ireland into the Republic of Ireland. This expansion of our services meant that we are now able to deliver our services to the entirety of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

2004: Fresh paint

2004 saw our transport fleet take a step into the 21st century, choosing to replace the previous yellow livery for a much more versatile, sleek and modern silver design.

2009: Parcels to Ireland Celebrates 20 Years!

In 2009, we celebrated 20 years of delivering parcels and pallets into Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

2011: Rebrand to PTI Express Limited

22 years after our founding, Parcels to Ireland undertook a major rebrand, which saw us change our name from Parcels to Ireland to PTI Express Limited. The decision to rebrand was made to represent the fast, efficient and varied nature of our services.

2013: Relocation, Relocation

In 2013, PTI Express moved 1.6 miles down the road from our old premises on Lawford Road, to a larger premises on Wood Street to accommodate further growth.

2015: Palletforce Membership

We expanded our services in 2015 by joining the Palletforce Network. Joining the network allowed us to begin collaborating with other B2B pallet delivery businesses, and, crucially, the membership meant we were able to begin offering regular pallet delivery service to mainland Europe.

2021: In-House Customs Clearance Service

In order to cope with the changes to border control as a result of Brexit, we set up our own in-house customs team, who are dedicated to ensuring a smooth customs clearance process for all customers.